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New Product SafeGuard

SafeGuard, A Revolution in Hand Sanitising

Kills 99.99% of Germs on Hands & Small Objects.

A revolution within the world of hand sanitisers for all applications
ages & physical abilities in the quest to reduce viral and bacterial
transmission & infection.

SafeGuard uses water-based hypochlorous acid, certified as safe,
non-irritating & non-toxic. 100% natural process, kills bacteria,
viruses and MRSA upon contact. Substantially more effective at killing
harmful bacteria and viruses than standard household disinfectants
and exceeding the performance of alcohol-based hand sanitisers.
Hypochlorous provides an instant kill so you can be reassured once
applied to the hands the risk of spread is stopped dead.

SafeGuard can be used in many applications where staff and
customers are concerned about cross-contamination and touching
everyday items such as keys, credit cards, cash, mobile phones, and
other smaller shared items often found in the workplace. SafeGuard
quickly and efficiently sanitises the hands of both people and any items
passed through.

True No-touch Operation
The system automatically activates when hands are placed inside.

No Drips or Splashes
Makes for a much safer sanitising station area and improves slip risk

Quick to Use & No Drying Time
The fast operation makes SafeGuard much quicker to use sanitising
hands in just a few seconds.

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