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Below is a list of diets commonly used in research facilities. TestDiet® produce comparable products to these diets. Please use the list find our equivalent product.

Diet-Induced Obesity (DIO), Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and other diseases.

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Commonly known asDescriptionTestDiet® Formula
AIN-93GAIN-93G Gestation and Growth5801-G
AIN-93MAIN-93M Mature and Maintenance5801-M
D10012-GAIN-93G Gestation and Growth5801-G
D10012-MAIN-93M Mature and Maintenance5801-M
D12450B"van Heek" DIO 10% kcal fat (control)58Y2
D12451"van Heek" DIO 45% kcal fat58V8
D12492"van Heek" DIO 60% kcal fat58Y1
D12328Surwit (11% kcal fat with corn starch)58R0
D12328Surwit (11% kcal fat with sucrose)58R1
D12330Surwit (58% kcal fat with corn starch)58R2
D12331Surwit (58% kcal fat with sucrose)58R3
D12266BPurified Match to Condensed Milk Diet5388
D12489BLow-fat Control for D12266B5387
D12079BA "Western Diet"5342
F3155AIN-93G Gestation and Growth5801-G
F3156AIN-93M Mature and Maintenance5801-M