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Laboratory Diet Packaging

Standard & Certified Diet Packaging

Every care is taken so that our LabDiet® products arrive in optimal condition. We use only the very highest quality sacks to ensure our diets are protected during transportation and storage. Below is an example of the high-quality sacks used to store our diets.

Irradiated Diet Packaging

Irradiated Picobag® Packaging (Paper outer with pull out heat-sealed plastic inner) 6.8kg,  9kg, 11.4kg, 13.6kg depending on product

Standard Certified Diet Packaging

Standard Packaging (Tri-ply Paper) : 10kg, 11.4kg or 13.6kg, 15kg,  22.7kg depending on product

Standard Autoclavable Packaging

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Packaging: 6 x 2.3kg , box, 2 x 5kg,  2 x 2.5kg depending on product.

Standard Pallet Quantity

40 or 80 bags depending on product

Bespoke packaging also available please contact for more details