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Supplying the Innovations of Modern Research

IPS Product Supplies Limited have been supplying research facilities for over 20 years

We are dedicated to providing supplies and services to the biomedical and research industry.
Our team of highly skilled personnel bring vast experience in these sectors enabling us to offer
a competitive, sensitive solution specifically tailored to customer requirements.

IPS combine the highest quality products and exceptional customer service.

With our vast experience of laboratory animal facility management, the Directors of IPS have a genuine understanding of the daily challenges that running an animal unit can bring. We know that the supply of critical consumables and associated services must run like clockwork and be something you need not worry about.


IPS are the exclusive distributor of LabDiet® products in Europe and beyond ensuring that global supply of the LabDiet® formulations is a reality


TestDiet® Europe works in partnership with TestDiet® in the USA, a leading manufacturer of high quality custom made test diets


environment enrichment
The IPS range of Environmental Enrichment products are carefully chosen for their design, quality assured manufacture, proven efficiency and ease of use.


Our nesting products help to keep animals physically active, whilst caring for their health and provides the enriched environment they deserve.


The Original Absorbent Surface Protector Highly Absorbent Papers comprising a compostable absorbent layer and a biopolymer water-resistant film


At IPS we make a conscious effort to minimise the environmental impact of our products. We now offer a range of sustainably sourced biodegradable products

IPS Bedding

The IPS range of bedding chosen for  design, quality assured manufacture, proven efficiency at a highly competitive price. 

IPS are proud to be the UK distributor for:


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