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LabDiet – Certified Primate Diet 5048

Certified Primate Diet is a complete life-cycle diet for all Old World and New World primates. Designed to be similar in nutrient composition to High Protein Monkey Diet (5045/5047) and meet contaminant requirements for GLP studies. It fulfils the nutrient requirements of each life stage but is formulated to contain a higher level of protein compared to other non-human primate diets offered by LabDiet®

Standard Biscuit, 15.8 mm x 22.2mm x 44.5 mm
10kg Sack


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This formulation targets the higher-end protein requirement of primates which may be advantageous for certain species or life stages that benefit from a higher plane of nutrition. It contains vitamin D and stabilized vitamin C needed to support captive primates housed either indoor or outdoor. This diet is formulated using managed formulation, delivering Constant Nutrition®. This is paired with the selection of

highest quality ingredients to assure minimal inherent biological variation in long-term studies. Prior to shipment, a sample of this product is assayed for environmental contaminants.

Features and Benefits

  • Managed Formulation delivers Constant Nutrition®
  • Increased protein can benefit energy-demanding life stages like growth and reproduction
  • High-quality animal protein is added to create a superior balance of amino acids for optimum performance
  • Highly palatable, readily consumed
  • Inclusion of stabilized form of vitamin C allows for long-term
  • Prior to shipment, a composite sample is assayed for environmental contaminants
  • Pre-analysis monitoring, Constant Nutrition® formulation, along with a selection of highest quality ingredients, assures maximum diet control
  • Fulfils GLP Requirements


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