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Rodent Diets – Expanded Pellet

There is a important difference in the way expanded pellets are manufactured compared to compression pellets. The meal is formed in the same way however, it is then subject to an injection of steam under extremely high pressure. The meal is then forced through a die. As the pellets are pushed out into ambient temperature, the steam expands and evaporates forming the classic expanded “honeycomb” type pellet. Average temperature is 120°C to 150°C.

We have found that, in most cases, expanded pellets give several significant improvements when compared to traditional, compression pellets.

These include:

  • High levels of palatability
  • Wastage reduction – by the animal and in the bag
  • A microbiologically cleaner pellet due to high temperatures and pressures during processing
  • Better food conversion efficiency
  • A more homogeneous pellet providing a standardised diet across a single batch


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Diets Available

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