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Nestlets – Animal Nesting & Enrichment

NESTLETS are the perfect nesting material; they retain the warmth without obstructing airflow or humidity. Inert and non-digestible, NESTLETS will not compact, form threads or ligatures. They are soft and absorbent and non-irritating even to young pups.

NESTLETS utilises the inherent instinct of rodents to shred and build nests. The act of shredding is a natural activity and exercise, so is beneficial.

Unit Size: 5cm x 5cm

Sheet Size 30cm x 30cm

Box Quantity: 3600

NESTLETS can make basic improvements in laboratory procedures, resolving many of the managerial and biomedical problems of the research laboratory. It is the first nesting material designed specifically to meet the needs of the animals as well as the facility.

NESTLETS are made from pulped virgin cotton fibre, which is sterilised during manufacture.

NESTLETS can be autoclaved or irradiated and will not deteriorate in storage. They come as standard in extra strength polythene bags, and one box contains 100 sheets (30 x 30cm) and are scored to break easily into a total of 3600 NESTLETS (5 x 5cm).