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Mouse Cellu Rodent Dome

Lightweight, disposable enrichment domes – a fantastic and environmentally friendly alternative to heavier plastic options on the market.

Half sphere shaped mouse shelter made of virgin cellulose.

Size: Dimensions: 110mm x 60mm.

Weight: 8g approx.

Two holes: 30mm diameter.

Packed in: 480 pieces per box. Gross weight per box: 4kg.


  • Cost effective Does not require any time-consuming and costly cleaning after use.
  • Clean Cellu Rodent Domes are made of virgin cellulose fibres.
  • Certified Cellu Rodent Domes are screened for contaminants.
  • Water resistant This is obtained through a cellulose densifying process, which means optimum durability.
  • Environment friendly made from renewable materials and comply with PEFC standards.


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8g each


110mm DIA 60mm High