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Lignocel 3/4 S Animal Bedding

Lignocel Bedding

Lignocel 3/4  fibres – especially suited to animal breeding. The soft fibres are optimal for nest building

  • Particle size: 2 – 4mm
  • Appearance: Fibrilled fibre
  • Raw material: Spruce

Sack Size: 12.5 KG


High-quality hygienic litter for laboratory and breeding needs. The clean, natural answer for modern animal care.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Almost completely dust-free
  • Produced from untreated raw materials (spruce/fir) biodegradable
  • Full batch analysis
  • Range of packaging types available

Lignocel animal litter can be used with all types of animals.

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comparison sheet

Partical Size



Fibrilled fibre

Raw material


Bulk density approx.

85 g/l

Fine particles approx.

< 0.5%

Water absorbency


Absorption speed

5 sec


5.5 +/- 1

Moisture approx.