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Cellulose Rodent Shelter

Lightweight, disposable Enrichment Shelters – a fantastic, environmentally friendly alternative to heavier plastic options on the market.

Bio-Huts for Rats (it’s our Fat Rat Hut in a disposable version) are an economical, rat enrichment product made of 100% pure virgin pulp paper. It not only gives a rat the opportunity to hide, but also gives the rat a choice! Some rats choose to shred the huts for burrowing or nesting, while others choose to shelter inside them. Bio-Huts for Rats are Certified (Contaminant Screened) and are available gamma irradiated or non-gamma irradiated.

Dimensions: W 158 x L 152 x H 82 mm.

PACKING: 250 pieces per box.

  • Cost effective Does not require any time-consuming and costly cleaning after use.
  • Clean Cellu Rodent Shelters are made of virgin cellulose fibres.
  • Certified Cellu Rodent Shelters are screened for contaminants.
  • Environment friendly made from renewable materials
  • Made of non-recycled, 100% virgin wood pulp
  • Provides sheltering and nesting opportunities
  • Available gamma irradiated
  • Increases cage base area